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smiley-150652_960_720A recent article in the Brisbane Times raised yet another problem with domestic violence for Australian women.

Apparently the Women’s Legal Aid service in Australia is underfunded and can not adequately support them.

Not surprisingly men who have been victims of domestic violence feel ignored and are often offended at these articles.

They are used to it, but it raises a level of frustration in them that motivates them to speak out about their feelings of invalidation.

Also unsurprisingly, women try to silence them because they want to have their forum for women’s victimhood and if men speak out that may take the focus off them.

Men don’t want the focus off domestic violence, they just want recognition and to see more unbiased reporting. The burden for this is on the editorial teams, but they are more interested in a high rating story than speaking the truth.

It was then that I saw the blood splashes.  I thought “This is not good”. I felt the pain in my chest. I pulled my shirt out and saw a small mouth in my rib cage below my right breast and I knew straight up it was a stab wound.

Inevitably the cries from women come flooding through follow on comments.

Get your own services

Do what women did and start your own shelters

or, as was posted in the Brisbane Times –  “Where are all these so called male victims anyway….

The stupidity is blinding. These men are saying they are victims, and yet women refuse to hear them even when in their presence. On this particular article a man by the name of Robert Smith posted

for god’s sake men, get a brain you cowards. Shameful!!

Later he posted this:

I think many males are mixing up “female violence” with male wounded pride…………. I’ve never yet heard of a male who needed to hide in a male refuge or change his name and hide – or come to work with bruises.

Men like Robert Smith are the reason many men don’t speak out. He is the type to call them a pussy, or a coward and tell them to harden up. Men like Robert Smith are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves.


Victim stories when women attack


The author, Jasmin, is a specialist men’s coach, author and advocate for services for men and child victims of domestic violence. She is a mother of two who lives in the idyllic coastal town of Merimbula, NSW, Australia. Learn more at where this article originally published as “Mythology Is Killing The Solutions To Domestic Violence