Introduction to DomVil

smiley-knife-blood-151562__180Domestic Violence is often in the news and almost always viewed through feminist ideology.

The absence of other views may be because we have all absorbed the feminist ideology to the point where we cannot conceive of anything else or perhaps because of a reluctance to face the repercussions of going against the dominant narrative.

The truth about domestic violence can be horrifying, but that horror is worsened by the fear that we may have been misinformed for more than a generation by ideologues.

This site attempts to explain without prejudice what domestic violence is, who the violent parties are, why it happens, who the victims are and suggest what should be done to minimise it.

In carrying out this investigation and explanation feathers may be more than ruffled, because there is always a momentum within large industries of professionals whose income and social standing rely on the existing model.

In addition the source of the ideology, which itself is a massive movement and profession views disagreement as heresy.

DomVil was created Monday 23rd May 2016


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